The review site that helps you get reviews

Our founders knew how hard it was to collect genuine reviews from customers. Everyone is too busy to write about the service you've provided, even if it was great. Which is why Priview was created!

We're here to take the pain out of increasing your reviews and how we do it is simple. We spend £$000s every month on prizes to incentive customers to write reviews about the service they've had.

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Why you need us!

As you'll know, 1 bad customer experience nearly guarantees a bad review. However, the 99 previous great customer experiences may also only result in 1 review..... Which means to get 10/10 reviews is impossible! 

This is why we incentives people to write more reviews, aiming to get your 1 good review to 10, 20 or even more.

3 Really Simple Tariffs

We like to keep everything simple. 

  • Unique reviews page

  • Incentive people to leave reviews

  • We organise all prizes and draws

Self Managed

£99 per month
  • You get access to our monthly competitions to promote to your customers
  • Simply send us your monthly entry list via email, SFTP, CSV or more
  • You promote it to your customers via email, phone or any other way

Fully Managed

£249 per month
  • You get everything in our Self Managed package but also:
  • We run regular incentives to push your customers to write reviews about you.
  • Simply integrate and/or send us your customer info and we'll do the rest
  • An amazing way to increase reviews!


  • You get access to everything we have. Online incentives, mail shots, custom leaflets and even collecting reviews over the phone.